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Trunk Releaser TTRL462

Trunk Releaser (TTRL462) solves interface problem that often happen on analog PSTN trunks. Analog trunks do not provide a standard release signal, which in many situations can lead to a 'hang' condition between CO and CPE. This is the condition when a connection between the calling party and the called party has been terminated but the CPE such as PBX assumes that the line is still being used. This makes the line cannot be used for a long period of time. This problem is very common when connected CPE is a PBX that expect a release signal such as polarity reversal and when making calls via tied PBXs.



The trunk hang condition happens to many PABX from different vendors. The indication of this event is when you notice calls with unusual period of time (e.g. 4 hours) on your PABX billing report or when many of your customers complain that your company phone line always on busy condition (usually on an automatic voice response connection). There are two common configurations that cause this condition to happen:


Connection that include Automatic Voice Response

Connection between different cities through two PABX

Because of the extensive use of PABX (in banking, offices, mining company, airports, etc) this problem could cause enormous waste of resources. The Trunk Releaser TTRL462 solve this problem by detecting such condition and restore the line immediately.

The TTRL462 is equipped with signal processing capability and configurable parameters to handle different kinds of trunk. It is designed to be modular to match different kinds of customer needs from small office to large company. The TTRL462 also supports various trunk release method such as loop break, polarity reversal, etc.